Our mission is to give our partners the building blocks to create fast, relevant search experiences. Extensive guides, documentation, an active community, and knowledgeable support make it a pleasure to work with us. With our search-as-a-service and full suite of APIs, you can develop tailored, fast search and discovery experiences for your clients.

Algolia's partners find all the business and training resources they need right here.

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Got a lead? We want to know about it! Tell us who you are talking with and where you are in the discussion. We can work with you to show your customer the value Algolia and your team can drive for their business.

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Want to know more about our products? Did we release a feature you want to learn how to use? Do you or your client need some extra help? This is the place! Registered partners - Your Algolia App Login is your Passkey.  The Algolia Basic Search Engineering Certification is now LIVE!


Have you built an integration with Algolia our customers must know about? Publish your integration on Algolia’s Code Exchange - a comprehensive developer resource featuring data ingestion apps and tools, frontend & UI components, and many more essential projects built by our Partners and developer community.


Our Partners can help drive the move value from an Algolia investment.   You can find partners here and sort by technology (ISV) or Implementation (SI) as well as region. 

  • “We are Algolia strategic partner in Russia, CIS, and Eastern Europe. Algolia global best-of-breed solutions allow us to provide the high level service based on the leading expertise in search optimization for our customers. Relying on advanced functionality like Query Rules, Search Personalization, AI Re-ranking, etc., we help online businesses immensely increase their conversion rates and observe impressive implementation impact. For us, Algolia is not just a personalization tool, it is a strategic basis for scaling our business.”

    Albert Yaraliev
  • “Search is one of the prime components for intuitive user experiences and in today’s world of instant gratification, the difference of a few seconds can mean the difference between a successful conversion and failure.”

    Evolution 7
    Algolia Partner
  • “I've been working with [client] for over 8 years; understanding the platforms is key to understanding how we can make the most use out of any integrations that we do. Algolia deserves full credit for their work. The tool is very flexible and intuitive, and puts the business team in complete control.”

    Michael Foggin
    Program Manager
  • “We regularly integrate Algolia into our ecommerce projects and position them as the “best in class” solution in its category. The flexibility of the tool for the business teams in addition to the power of the API turns Algolia into the best solution available in the market. Not only for search but for product merchandising as well. Algolia being part of the MACH alliances facilitates the integration into existing and future Composable Commerce architectures. This has a strategic value for our partnership.”

    Guillaume Beaumont
    Commerce CTO
  • “We appreciate Algolia's flexibility, helping us achieve a PoC with compliance on pricing and resources. Our customers are constantly in search of improvements for their search solution. Having Algolia by our side is a key element of success in our projects.”

    Achille Vaulot
    Digital Marketing Personalisation Manager